During the past few decades, the focus of urban infrastructure management in Europe was on building-up and extending network infrastructures like the drinking water supply, sanitation systems, gas supply and district heating. The challenge for the future is in the conservation and sustainable optimisation of these underground network infrastructures.

We are specialised in:

  1. Consulting and engineering in the field of asset management

  2. The operation and maintenance of pipe networks

We provide innovative solutions for:

  1. Network monitoring

  2. Hydraulic modelling

  3. Condition assessment

  4. Rehabilitation planning

Non-Revenue Water ManagementRN-WLM-EN.html
Condition AssessmentRN-Zustand-EN.html
Hydraulic ModellingRN-Netzanalyse-EN.html
Rehabilitation PlanningRN-Reha_EN.html
Technical Risk ManagementRN-Tech-RM-EN.html
Technical Audit according
§134 WRGRN-134-WRG-EN.html


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