Only those who are aware of the risk can take adequate mitigation measures!

We carry out systematic risk management according to FMEA methodology (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis):

  1. Risk analysis

  2. Risk assessment

  3. Risk mitigation

Your benefit:

  1. Detailed overview of system and product risks

  2. Identification of risks at an early stage

  3. Action plan for risk mitigation

  4. Evaluation of insurable risks (cost-benefit analysis)

  5. Transparency

  6. Basis of decision-making in operation and maintenance management


Non-Revenue Water ManagementRN-WLM-EN.html
Condition AssessmentRN-Zustand-EN.html
Hydraulic ModellingRN-Netzanalyse-EN.html
Rehabilitation PlanningRN-Reha_EN.html

Technical Risk Management

Technical Audit according
§134 WRGRN-134-WRG-EN.html