Municipalities and public utilities are faced with increasing cost pressure and claimed improvement in efficiency:

  1. Process management is an effective instrument for a continuous improvement of work flows.

Continuous analysing and optimising of organisational and process structures are crucial success factors for every utility:

  1. With standardised business processes you gain more transparency in work flows and cost structures.

  2. Measurability of process performance allows for target orientated controlling of business processes in a utility.

  3. You benefit from continuous process improvement and increasing effectivity and efficiency.

We provide support in the implementation of a process management system:

  1. Development of an individual process map which is adjusted to your organisational structures

  2. Definition of business processes and work flows

  3. Management and staff training

  4. Assessment of process performance by regular process audits and implementation of improvement measures

  5. PDCA methodology: Plan-Do-Check-Act


Process Management

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